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14/12/2017 11:04:26
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What Really Makes your Husband Happy?

Chibuzo Isichei

Men are like babies, they need to be pampered at all times and it's very important that every woman should know this and how to take adequate care, create everything possible to draw their men closer to the home, make them happy so that their home will be a peaceful place to stay.

A woman should know what pleases her husband. There are men who feel happy when they come back and see that the house is kept tidy. To some, the fact that their wives come down to welcome them that keeps them happy. To yet others, it is to see their food ready on the dinning table as soon as they come back from work. Wives should find out what keeps their husbands happy all the time and do such things.

They need to keep their husbands happy. It is important also that, couples should understand each otherís professions. A woman who is married to a medical doctor should understand that by virtue of his profession, he may keep late nights or answer emergency calls at midnight. She should therefore not quarrel with him at such times but rather encourage him to do his humanitarian job very well. She must know that it is part of the sacrifices she should make for choosing a doctor as her husband.

The husband who is married to a nurse too should understand the nature of her duty. There are times when she would go for night duty and be away all night. Let there be understanding between them. When there is understanding, the couple can help each other better. A woman who is married to a salesman should understand that he meets with a lot of people and makes many acquaintances. She should therefore understand why her husband keeps many friends. Salesmen generally believe that they have to sell themselves first before they can sell their products.

This is why the wife of a salesman should understand why her husband tries to look his best all the time in other to impress his customers. Women, who have drivers as husbands, should understand that by virtue of their profession, they eat outside resulting in their not eating very well at home.

This might upset the wives. But if they have this understanding that it is their profession that causes it, they will now relax and be happy. In much the same way, a woman who is married to a business man should realize that her husbandís business may sometimes take him away from home for weeks and even months and thus she should be able to accommodate him.

At times such husbands do calculations and phone calls right where they are having lunch or breakfast on their dinning tables. Also, wives who are married to pastors should understand that from time to time people will come for counseling or for prayers and they should not complain.

Such wives should recognize the anointing of God on their husbands and realize that although the pastors are their husbands, they are also the father of all. Therefore, such wives should not frown when many people come to visit the pastor.

Pastors do receive emergency calls at odd hours and they have to respond in order to save lives. All these should be understood by the pastorsí wives too. In fact, any profession a man finds himself has its hazards but suffice it to mention just these few. With the tolerance that comes as a result of knowing and understanding the profession of oneís partner, marriage would thrive in a cordial and peaceful atmospheres. A husband needs petting too.

When the wife massages her husband at the back or cuts his finger nails among others, he feels cared for and loves the wife the more. Most women neglect this area so much because they feel that it is the man that will always pet them. This is not so. In fact, most men who keep other women outside their marriage do so because those women offer them something which their wives do not offer them and that is petting and caring.

They need it and because they do not find it at home, they follow whoever offers it to them. Men do not like their ego to be wounded. So women should know this and make sure they do not do anything that will wound their husbandsí ego. For instance, when a husband gives an instruction, he doesn't like it to be flouted or disobeyed. If he tells the wife not to wear a particular dress, she should obey. If he chooses not to go to a particular place, she should not force him to go. Women should know that husbands do not like to be challenged and should therefore avoid that.

Even if a woman sees her husband in an adulterous act, she should not go there and then begin to insult him. She should just keep quiet and go away. Later on, she can talk to the husband alone. A wife ought to be a virtuous woman who is conversant with how to effectively manage a home. Wives are supposed to be home builders, people who can manage available resources judiciously to keep the family going at all times whether in plenty or in lack.

The Bible says "Every wise woman buildeth her house but the foolish plucketh it with her hands". The wife therefore as the queen of the family, and the manager of the house has been entrusted with the all-important duty of being helpers both to the husband and to the entire family.

The first duty of the wife is to submit, respect and obey her husband. Most women find it difficult submitting to their husbands. They want to do their own thing in their own way and at their own time. Some even claim to be equal to their husbands, quoting that God has created everybody equal.

Consequently, when instructions are given by their husbands, such women always find themselves challenging their authority. This has caused more harm than good. Every woman should note that they have no choice than to submit totally to their husbands and failure to do so brings about disobedience to God's word and the prayers of such wives are hindered. At times, it results in unwanted sickness and problems.

Obedience brings about blessings, progress and harmony in the home. However, the wife should always know that she is the neck while the husband is the head and it is the neck that turns the head to any direction. Therefore, if she plays her part very well, she can turn the head to any positive direction. The good wife cooks good food and timely too.

She keeps the house spick and span at all times.

She knows each child of the home both by name and character.

She should know her husband very intimately.

She should be very hardworking and creative;

She is expected to love and care for the family. It is also her duty to promote the moral, spiritual, mental as well as physical health of her family.

She makes a motherly obligation to see that the children, and even the husband and other helps have good prayer books, the Bible.

She teaches the children how to lead in conducting daily prayers and, provides them good guides. It is her duty to pray for her husbandís salvation, if he is not born again. It is her duty to dispose the children so that they can tell her when they make mistakes.

She makes them also relate very well with their dad, she knows how to cloth the male children as well as the female children. She watches closely their stages of development and works very hard to help them pass their adolescence very well. She teaches them cleanliness and modesty.

She builds confidence in them and the fruit of contentment. She teaches them not to be lazy by providing suitable task for their ages.

She knows the seasons for buying her food stuffs and other materials at good bargaining. It is her duty to help the children develop good study habits.

She should introduce them to their relations and a good wife should also wash the clothes of the husband and children.

She should inculcate good habits in the children, good toilet training t good reading habits, being courteous among others.

She makes sure there is peaceful and cordial atmosphere in the home.

She should also treat visitors well and teach the children to do so too. Abraham took care of his strangers and thereby entertained angels to his credit. Unless where the husband and wife has offered to help each other in the kitchen, the man should know that the woman owns the kitchen.

Therefore he should always consult the wife before announcing to their visitors for the wife to bring them entertainment. The wife should show to her husband and also prepare something special to welcome him when he travels.

Couples should learn how to sing songs to one another, most importantly, the wife should help her husband when he is retrenched or runs into financial difficulty. Some women use this opportunity to deride their husbands, this is unfair. A wife should realize that she is the helper especially at such difficult times and she should help still respect and submit to her husband.

If she pays the school feels, she should not let the children know. She should rather give the fees to her husband and the husband will then give the children. She owes it as a duty to always uphold her family in prayers all the time.

Conclusively, the queen is the builder of the home. Wife build your home, make your husband happy and do not scatter it so that God will be happy with you.

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