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Nwaka Goes Tough on Exam Fraud.

-Orders trial of Invigilator, Supervisor

Minisitry of Information, Delta State

THE state Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education, Dr. Tony Nwaka has directed the Ministry’s Examination and Ethics Committee to try the Supervisor and the invigilator engaged by the National Business and Technical Education Board (NABTEB) to conduct the Financial Account paper in the ongoing NABTEB examination for dereliction of duty.

Nwaka gave the order yesterday in Asaba during the monitoring of the examination in the Institute of Continuing Education (ICE), Asaba centre where he could not find both the Supervisor and the Invigilator in the examination hall.

He said that the absence of the two officials was a clear indication of their involvement in examination malpractice as their absence was premeditated and this gave rise to mass cheating with most of the candidates caught with text books and telephone handsets.

Until the commissioner left the centre only the invigilator, Mr. Benedict Onvoiu surfaced while the Supervisor. Mr. Israel Ugoma could not be found which gave credence to the impression of their involvement in the mass cheating in the examination hall.

Nwaka who was shocked with what he saw advised the Management of the institute of Continuing Education. Asaba whose staff were the culprits to ensure that only credible officials were nominated tor such duties in future exercises.

The commissioner was also in St. Augustine s Commercial college Asaba where he caught many candidates with textbooks and handsets while the Supervisor, Mr. Joseph unwuaduKwu. a staff of the school was seated in the hall pretending not to know vnat was going on.

In an interview after the monitoring, the commissioner said that it was shameful that those engaged to conduct the examination were hands in glove with the candidate to perpetuate examination malpractice.

He stated that the Ministry would not take Kindly to the nefarious activities of unscrupulous people engaged to conduct public examinations and therefore warned those involved to have a change of habit in their own interest.

The Special Assistant to the commissioner. Mr. Mike Dottie, the Director Examinations and Standards, Sir Austin Ekeke and the Director of Planning, Research and Statistics, Mr. Magistrate Nakpodia accompanied the Commissioner during the monitoring exercise.

Tony Nwaka, NABTEB, Israel Ugoma, Benedict Onvoiu , Joseph unwuaduKwu, Mike Dottie, Austin Ekeke, Magistrate Nakpodia

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