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Governor Uduaghan, Please Remember Ubulu-Unor.

Ify Onabu London

I wish to commend Gov Uduaghan for initiating the on going town hall meetings and finding time to interact with the people of Delta State. This will give him the opportunity to hear directly from the people those things he may not hear from his advisers and other parasites who depend on government to survive.

His vision for Delta State is spot on and I would like to also commend him for undertaking various development projects. These projects, and especially the Asaba International Airport, will surely impact on the economy of Delta State.

However, while these massive projects are commendable, it is important for the Governor not to forget smaller projects which do not cost billions to execute but which equally have massive impact on the lives of the people at local level.

I’m writing to the Governor through this medium to please remember the people of Ubulu-Unor.  It is indeed a shame that a town of the size of Ubulu-Unor does not have access road.  There is no other town of this size in Delta State that does not have access roads.

This peaceful town has NEVER benefitted from a single government project. The earth road that serves this community was constructed in the 1940s through communal efforts.  The Ublu-Uku/ Ubulu-Unor/Ogwashi -Uku road project must be completed. This road has been abandoned since 2003.

Ironically, when I checked the Delta State Government website, I discovered that contract for this road project has been awarded and fully paid for over five years ago.  How then do we explain that this community is still is a state of development that is at best primordial?

The absence of road severely hurts the economy of this peaceful community.  I wish to remind the governor that while a review is being made of all the road contracts, the people of Ubulu–Unor in Aniocha South local government area should not be forgotten.

Our people have suffered for too long. Ubulu –Unor needs massive government intervention.

A people can only be empowered when the enabling infrastructure is in place.

Ubulu-Unor, Ublu-Uku, Ogwashi-Uku ,Aniocha

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