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18/01/2018 16:02:15
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Warri/Effurun Water Project to be Ready Soon


Minisitry of Information, Delta State

Water TankGovernor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State,has said that the $23 million Warri/Effurun Water Project started twenty (20) years ago was not a jinx, saying it will soon be ready for use.

Already, he said, test-run of the water project had started and attributed the failed portions of the ever busy Airport Road to burst pipes as a result of the test-run.

He also blamed the excess flooding in the oil-rich city of Warri to the test-run of the water project. He revealed too that the State Government recently paid out #850 million for the project to get off the ground again.

Inspection of the Warri/Effurun Water ProjectBut the Governor who was on inspection tour of the water project and roads in Warri and Effurun, assured that repair works would soon be carried out on the failed portions of the Airport Road caused by the test-run.

Governor Uduaghan disclosed that very soon, water will flow to homes in Warri and Effurun, adding that assessment of the damaged portions and other possible areas that may be affected was going on with a view to addressing the problems

In his words, "We discovered that some of those pipes that have been laid several years back have problems. And the only way we can determine the level of the problem is by pumping water through them. So because there is already water here, they started pumping water through those pipes and discovered that there are some points where those pipes are weak and that is why we have extra water in Warri of recent more like flood. So they are test running those pipes and those pipes were damaged in the process of constructing some of these our roads especially the Airport Road. So if you go to the Airport Road, you will see some of the failed portions in the last few days because of the water that was pumped through and apparently there are leakages at those points.

"Now that they have done the test-running and they discovered the points where there are problems on the pipes, they will repair those places and then we will also repair the roads. So that is the next stage of the project and as soon as they finish repairing, then there will be water in the various homes," he stated.

Hear him again, "The good news is that this water project is now able to deliver water for the first time after twenty (20) years, we now have water in this water project. The next thing is now to get the water into the various homes."

"The total cost so far like I said this is a twenty years project. I think initially twenty years ago, it was twenty three million dollars ($23M) and there have been variations over the years. But in this administration, we have not done any variation. What we have done is to make payment. I think the last payment was #850 million (eight hundred and fifty million naira) that was the amount we met which we have just finished paying and that is what have enabled them to work to this level," Governor Uduaghan said yesterday in Warri.

Warri, Effurun

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