21/10/2017 01:50:46

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Cellphone buff now carry multiple phones in Benin City.



With the proliferation of GSM service providers in Edo, subscribers now carry with them an average of two cell phones at a time. A survey also revealed that five GSM service providers - MTN, CELTEL, GLO, VISAFONE, STARCOM and MULTI-LINKS - now operate in parts of Edo.

The survey showed an increasing preference for the second-generation service providers because of lower tariffs and special packages to subscribers in large organisations. Our correspondent also reports that some subscribers now carry as many as four cell phones with them at any one time.

The survey indicated that the phone freaks would use about two for call receptions while deploying one of their phones, usually those with the cheapest tariffs, to initiate calls. Our investigations also revealed that cheap cell phones and lines marketed by the service providers within the range between N1,900 to N2,500, had been very attractive to many adults.

The survey also revealed that most adults now buy cheap cell phones for their children in primary and secondary schools. This has led to the presence of up to 10 cell phones in a particular nuclear family of a couple and three children. ``I have five children, all of whom are in the secondary school and all the family put together, we have about 12 cell phones," John Edobor, a businessman, said.

It is necessary for all my children to have one, including the ones in primary schools, for the sake of easy contacts, especially in times of emergency,'' Mrs Dora Idianosen, another resident, said. Across professions and vocations in Edo, telephony is in vogue because it saves costs and unnecessary movements over long distances. ``I strike my business deals in Onitsha, Aba and in Lagos without leaving my store in Benin. In terms of costs saved, we thank God for the GSM,'' Mr John Ibekwe a resident, said.

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