21/10/2017 01:50:27

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Senate Set to Make Law Against Electronic Fraud

Nigerian Tribune

The Senate is set to pass a bill to check activities of electronic fraudster as a bill entitled: "Prohibition of electronic fraud in all electronic transactions in Nigeria and for other related matters," is attracting attention.

The bill had scaled the first reading before the Senate went on its two-week recess, and billed to go for second reading at the resumption, after the celebration of the Muslim festival.

The bill, sponsored by Senator Ayo Arise (Ekiti North Senatorial District), when promulgated into law would make it a punishable offence for anybody who accesses a computer or other electronic devices to commit fraud or exceed the permission given by the owner of the devices without authorisation.

It said "from the commencement of this Act, no person or corporate body shall: without authori-sation, access a computer (or) and other electronic devices or in case of authorisation, exceeds authorised access to computers and or communication devices." It also said that no person or body shall
use counterfeit access devices, unauthorised access devices and possess any device designed to manipulate credit or ATM card.

Nigerian Tribune,Ayo Arise

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