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Free Rural Health Scheme.

Records, Another Feat, Restores Sight of 63 year Old Man.

Minisitry of Information, Delta State

The sight of a blind man Sunday Chukwuma has been restoered by doctors of the state free rural health scheme.

Chukwuma, a farmer, aged 63 who hails from Owa-Oyinbu in North-East, has been blind for about two years -as a result of heavy growth or cataract in both eyes.

The surgery was carried out at the Central Hospital, Agbor, where he disclosed that he had been begging for alms since there was no one to take care of his welfare.

He expressed joy and thanked the state government for coming to his rescue, saying he would once again be productive and fend for himself and family.

One of the surgeons and ophthalmologist who other health workers in the operation, Dr Ernest Ogbedo said over 20 cataract cases have so far been carried out at the central hospital Agbor, saying the likes of Mr ChuKwuma nave been given another opportunity to live a normal live.

Doctor Ogbedu used the occasion to advise Deltans to shun the habit of self medication on their eyes, aying the free rural health scheme is an opurtunity for them to get free medical attention.

At the other areas visited such as Alimie Agbor-Nta and Abavo in Ika South as well as Ute-Okpte in Ika North-East, the Doctors disclosed that cataract, high blood pressure and hydrocoeles among children. Were the prevalent ill health conditions of the people.

Sunday Chukwuma, Owa-Oyinbu, Agbor, Ernest Ogbedo, Alimie Agbor-Nta, Abavo, Ute-Okpte, cataract, hydrocoeles

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