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Five Interview Killers - Part 2

Catherine Twiss, Linkme Australia

In this second part the focus is on your attitude. As you read through these points ask yourself - does this sound like me?

1. Inappropriate familiarity -
Be concerned if you're feeling very comfortable in an interview setting - that's when you're most likely to let your guard down, shoot your mouth off and potentially become overly familiar. Try and keep the environment professional avoiding topics of a personal nature.

2. Negative attitude -
It's hard work interviewing negative people. Though you might not consider yourself generally negative, if asked "what's the worst job you've had" could provide you with the impetus to launch into that awful job/employer you've had in the past and suddenly the interview takes a negative turn. It's always best to present yourself as optimistic and positive, especially when it comes to talking about your skills and abilities and why you should be hired.

3. Desperate -
just as 7 above - it's really hard to interview people who come across as desperate for the job. Although you need to show that you really do want the job, pleading and begging won't win you the job. Sure you might win a sympathy vote but the interviewer will want to get you out the door quickly as you're really presenting yourself as overly 'needy'.

4. Apathetic -
of course the opposite to 8 above but equally an interview killer. You're 'cool attitude' may in fact simply come across as apathetic. This is hard work for an interviewer and it's unlikely they'll be motivated to hire you. Of course you may not care whether you are hired or not, in which case you're really wasting everyone's time.

5. Rude -
You'd be amazed at how rude some interviewees can be. Calling a female interviewer 'love' is unacceptable. Similarly shaking a male's hand but not a female's hand is just plain rude (and happens a lot!!). Continually interrupting an interviewer is also rude as well as not paying attention. But probably the greatest killer today is leaving your mobile phone on and it ringing during the interview! Don't even get me started on those who answer their phones - suffice it to say they're probably still looking for work!!

Five Interview Killers - Part 2


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