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Five Interview Killers - Part 1

Catherine Twiss, Linkme Australia

1. Lack of preparation -
pretty obvious but you'd be amazed at the amount of people who think they can 'wing it'. Don't even think about turning up for an interview if you haven't first done your homework on the organisation. Know your resume intimately and at the very least give some thought on how you plan to respond to common interview questions.

2. Poor Personal Appearance -
This is not about trying to be a contestant in Australia's next supermodel - it's about basic personal grooming. Interviewers have been known to reject people because they've had dirty or inappropriate shoes/nails/clothes etc. If you think you'll be attending a few interviews in the near future, decide well in advance what you're going to wear so that you can be dressed for success.

3. Late -
although accidents happen and pubic transport fails - it's hard to recover in an interview situation if you turn up late. Plan your route well in advance - take an earlier train, ask the company where you can park. If after all of that circumstances well and truly beyond your control mean you are going to run late - phone and let the interviewer know so that they can reschedule if necessary. These days it's assumed everyone has a mobile phone so there's an expectation that you'll phone if you think you'll be late (but it better be a good excuse!!).

4. Bad breath or body odour -
this includes wearing too much perfume or aftershave. Nothing will get you out the door quicker than suffering from one of these problems. If you're a smoker - don't have one until after the interview, watch what you eat the night before - stinking of garlic (healthy and all as it is) is not a good thing. Same goes for smelling of alcohol - there's just no excuses here!

5. Poor body language -
pretty straightforward but again many stuff it up. Maintaining a balance between having good eye contact and staring can be difficult, so practice before hand or ask for feedback from the interviewer. Similarly folded arms send a negative message, looking at the ground sends the message that you're not very confident in your abilities. Being aware of your body language and the messages you're transmitting is a good first step. Practice in front of the mirror or a friend and again after the interview ask for feedback. Remember your body language is as important as what you say!

Five Interview Killers - Part 1


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