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Urhobonation : Information and Stats


Continent: Africa

Region: West Africa

Country: Nigeria

Area: Western Niger Delta

Area: 5000 Square Kilometers

Climate: Humid subequatorial

Natural Vegetation: Rain and swamp forest. A significant percentage of which has been destroyed by pollution and other petroleum related activities.

Natural Resources: Petroleum and Natural Gas

Population: 2.0 - 2.5 million people in Nigeria

Main Towns: Abraka, Effurun, Sapele, Ughelli, Warri

Main Rivers: Distributaries of River Niger including Kiabodo, Ethiope and Warri Origin

The history of Urhobo like many other people is yet unknown.

Not withstanding, there are at least 4 distinct traditions of origin as follows: believe in the presence of original dwellers and owners of the territory that is, aborigines; believe in migration from edo territory; believe by some of Ife origin; and lastly, traditions of origin from Sudan and Egypt.

Although all 22 kingdoms have distinct dialects and traditions that reflect slight variation in origin and migratory patterns, there is a universal Urhobo language.

Urhobo has always strived to maintain good relations with her neighbors. Urhobo neighbors to the North-East are Ndokwa, to the South-East are Isoko, to the North are Bini, the West are Itsekiri and the South are Ijaw.

Most, if not all, of these neighbors share a common origin according to tradition. The 22 clans of Urhobo with their cultural headquarters and official administrative affiliations are shown on Table A below.

Urhobo 22 Kingdoms And Headquarters As Well As Official Administrative Affiliations(Local Government Areas [LGA]) As of 2004 

1 Agbarha-Otor Agbarha-Otor UghelliNorth
2 Agbarho Orho-Agbarho UghelliNorth
3 Agbarrha-Ame Otovwodo-Agbarha WarriSouth
4 Agbon Isiokoro EthiopeEast
5 Arhavwarien Arhavwarien UghelliSouth
6 Avwaraka Otorho-Avwaraka EtthiopeEast
7 Effuruntor Effuruntor UghelliSouth
8 Eghwu Otorho-Eghwu UghelliSouth
9 Evwreni Evwreni UghelliNorth
10 Idjerhe Idjerhe EthiopeWest
11 Oghara Ogharefe EthiopeWest
12 Oghele Otovwodo UghelliNorth
13 Ogor Otogor UghelliNorth
14 Okere-Urhobo Okere WarriSouth
15 Okparabe Okparabe UghelliSouth
16 Okpe Orerekpo Okpe&Sapele
17 Olomu Otorere-Olomu UghelliSouth
18 Orogun Orogun UghelliNorth
19 Udu Otor-Udu Udu
20 Ughievwien Otughievwien UghlliSouth
21 Ughwerun Otughweru UghelliNorth
22 Uvwie Effurun Uvwie

Agbarha-Otor, Agbarha-Otor, UghelliNorth,Agbarho, Orho-Agbarho, UghelliNorth,Agbarrha-Ame, Otovwodo-Agbarha, WarriSouth,Agbon, Isiokoro, EthiopeEast,Arhavwarien, Arhavwarien, UghelliSouth,Avwaraka, Otorho-Avwaraka, EtthiopeEast,Effuruntor, Effuruntor, Ugh

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