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Uduaghan's Pacesetter Development Strides.

Offor Okeke, Ministry of Information, Delta State

The Name Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan surely rings a bell in the ears of many Deltans. Not just because he is the Governor of the oil producing state but because of the many reforms he has been able to carry out as the governor so far.

For many reasons, Delta State is known as the big heart of the Nation. After all, when Delta State sneezes, Nigeria as a country catches cold in sympathy. Now what this means is that anyone saddled with the task of governing a state as complex and diverse as Delta State requires more than ordinary skill, wisdom and a great deal of intellect and sagacity to move the ball of progress rolling and also lead its people in harmony. Governor Uduaghan has all of this.

He may not have the size of an elephant but he surely has the brain of a tortoise. His deeds and actions, word and utterances has always portrayed him as a focused, humble, not-noisy, hardworking and visionary leader who is really trying to build a Delta State that is not dependent on only oil.

Surely, he has not delivered all the dividends he promised at his inauguration but he and his deputy has shown clearly in their two years in office that they have a firm grasp of knowledge in what to do to make Delta State the pride of the Nation. Uduaghans' face is always masked up with the hunger and desire to achieve success.

The Governor is a lucky man as he has a fantastic network of information personnel led by the Hon. Commissioner of Information, Mr. Oma Djebah who ensures that the good works and intentions of His Excellency never goes unnoticed. These he does by mapping out good ideas like the True Face of Delta initiative which was established to portray Deltans as peaceful and highly resourceful. The initiative also beams out the development strides achieved by the Governors administration.

Governor Uduaghan needs many Governor Uduaghans around him so it is no surprise therefore that his commissioners and special assistants have the same unshaken hunger and urge to succeed like him. This has brought about massive progress in the life of Deltans.

Deltans surely have every reason to be optimistic about the future because as the Governor's name EMMANUEL suggest "God is surely with us".

If Governor Uduaghan keeps up with this level of consistency in developing the state, then as the Americans will always say, "We aren't seen anything yet"


Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan

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