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Delta Frees 65 Detainees.

Guardian Newspaper

CHIEF Judge of Delta State, Justice Roseline Bozimo, has ordered the immediate release of 65 awaiting trial inmates who had no case files to prosecute them.

Chief Judge of Delta State, Justice Roselyn Bozimo.Bozimo, who started a routine visit to prisons in the state from the Warri Prisons on February 1, 2010, explained that those with no diligent evidence to prosecute them, those for which there was no case submission and detainees with serious health problems were also released.

The visit took the Chief Judge to six prisons in five different cities across the state. These included Warri Prisons with 513 inmates awaiting trial out of which 22 were released. Five inmates were released from Kwale Prisons, which had 197 inmates awaiting trial.

At Sapele Prisons where a total population of 225 inmates await trial, 20 detainees were released while three inmates were set free from Sapele Remand Home, which has 34 inmates awaiting trial.

At Agbor Prisons, the Chief Judge ordered the release of 10 inmates out of the 136 inmates awaiting trial while six out of the 277 inmates awaiting trial at Ogwashi-Uku Prisons were released by Mrs. Bozimo.

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