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Ladies Corner

Kimberly Anyadike, 15, Becomes Youngest African American Female to Pilot Plane Cross-Country.

She Believed She Could Fly.


She departed with a dream and returned home a record-breaker.


Kimberly Anyadike, Tuskeegee Airmen, Compton,

Body language

Do you know the tricks

Gloria Agbambu

LONG before languages and the alphabet evolved, humans relied on body signals to work out whether someone was a friend, a foe or a potential lover. And very little has changed: a mere 7 per cent of the impression people make on us comes from the words they use; 38 per cent stems from their tone, speed and inflections; and a hefty 55 per cent depends on their body language.

Fashion and Style

Wrong bras can damage breasts


Women who wear the wrong kind of bra could be damaging their breasts, researchers have warned. The breast biomechanics team at the University of Portsmouth said poor support could lead to fragile ligaments in the breast being stretched.



Preparation time: 30 minutes

Encounter with delta’s unique female vulcaniser.

Dominic Okonta

When the Public Relations Officer attached to the office of the Delta State Deputy-Governor, Mr. Augustine Okwuolisa informed the Sunday POINTER about the activities of a female vulcanizer, described as the first and only practicing female vulcanizer in the state, we thought he was joking.

Face Masks

A Guarantee to Being Beautiful.

Agbambu Gloria

Facial masks are very important skincare products aimed at unplugging the skin pores on the face, leaving the face smooth, fresh and firm. They may not be as popular as regular cleansers or moisturizers but they help in beauty routine.

What Really Makes your Husband Happy?

Chibuzo Isichei

Men are like babies, they need to be pampered at all times and it's very important that every woman should know this and how to take adequate care, create everything possible to draw their men closer to the home, make them happy so that their home will be a peaceful place to stay.