23/10/2017 17:19:39


Presidential Assent is Required in the Amendment of the Nigerian Constitution.

Felix Ayanruoh Esq.

The arguments that Presidential assent is not required in the amendment of the Nigerian Constitution is erroneous, specious, and without sound basis in law. There is no case law or statutory provision that backs these assertions. We don’t need the United States law or other country’s law as a precedent when our own laws are clear on the issue. The Nigerian Constitution is very clear on this issue and any statutory or case law that is inconsistent to the provision of the Constitution is to the extent of its inconsistencies void.

North, South-South, Others Jostle to Protect Interests.

Monday Uwagwu
Pointer Newspaper Online

IT may not require the deployment of military hardware, or life-threatening ammunition. But neither in its essence, nor the fierceness with which its enabling tactics and strategies are being firmed up makes it any less of a potentially dangerous war of many intense battles as Nigeria’s ethnic and other political blocs go to war over the constitution review exercise.