23/10/2017 17:15:37

Enforcing Your Right To Good Health and Long Life


Everyone has the right to a long and healthy life.

Enforcing your right to good health and long life will show you how to maintain and preserve your body for the service of the lord

Sheddy Agbagbara explains that you can enjoy your right to good health and long life only if you live and worship right and fight off the devil when he attacks you with sickness and other threats to your life.

 Some tips in the book

  • Treat your body with wisdom and care.
  • Have a positive attitude to life..
  • Worship God with joy.
  • Live with faith.
  • Avoid and cancel curses.
  • Get help from other Christians.
  • Protect your life with the word of God. 

Learn more about these and other ideas inside.

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